Your Eyewear is your fashion statement. Sadly, there is no one size fits all when it comes to eyewear. Your face shape plays a very important role in determining which frame will suit you the most. Lets find out a frame which will take your style up a few notches.

Lets first find out your face shape.

Step 1: Tie your hair with a scarf or a handkerchief before this experiment and stand in front of a mirror. Make sure you do not move your face.
Step 2: Slowly trace the outline of your reflection with the dry-erase marker. You can take re-trace the same later, on a transparent paper.
Step 3: Now observe closely and compare your tracings to the below mentioned face-shapes. You can also take help of a friend here.

Once you are satisfied with the results and have found out you face shape type, Choose a perfect Eyewear frame Shape form your below.

For Triangle, Heart and Diamond.
For Oval, Inverted Triangle and Round.
For Rectangle, Oblong and Square .
Ready To Choose Your Ideal Frame